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1New Life Veterans Ministry

Our first Care Home was opened to assist Veterans of the United States Armed Forces who needed safe, secure, and affordable housing. Since then, we have expanded to provide housing for a wide variety of special needs populations. Demographics served include but are not limited to: Veterans, Seniors, Disabled, Sober Living, Transitional Housing, Re-Entry, Low Income, and other Special Needs populations. Our properties and services are of the highest caliber in our state and local area due to our commitment to safe, affordable all-inclusive living environments.

Row of Houses

Our Care

All of our residential care homes are specifically designed to provide housing and related services for each particular demographic. Because of that, our residents have access to a wide variety of services provided by outsourced 3rd parties. These include but not limited to:

Veteran Home Visits


Behavior Counseling

Medication Management

Home Health Service

RN, Physical, Occupational & Speech Therapy

Durable Medical Equipment

Quality Products


Compassion Care

Social Work

Case Management


Since we began, our organization has provided a wide variety of special needs populations with all-inclusive affordable housing. We are committed to providing our clients with clean, safe all-inclusive living arrangements that can't be found elsewhere.


In addition to the services provided by our outsourced 3rd parties; we also offer a wide range of services included in our flat monthly fee. These services include but are not limited to:

Folding Laundry
Loading the Washing Machine
Washer & Dryer
New Streaming Service
TV & Telephone

All Utilities Paid!!!

About Us
Additional Services
We Serve



Disabled Veteran and Returning Veteran Housing

We have homes that are specifically designed for Veterans. Our veteran and VA housing provide residential care homes and group homes for both disabled and non-disabled Veterans. We work directly with the VA and all affiliations of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines to ensure that our servicemen are provided with quality and safe housing upon return home. We provide group homes and transitional living residential care homes for Veterans of the armed forces throughout the local area.


Elderly Care Housing and Group Homes for Seniors

We also provides housing for the elderly and seniors without any disabilities! Many seniors these days are elder, on fixed incomes and in need of low-income and low-cost housing in a group home living environment. That is where we can assist. We have many properties that are specifically designed and managed for elders and seniors on fixed incomes.

Drinking Outside

Sober Homes and Group Sober Homes

Our organization provides and operates sober homes for those with addiction and alcohol and drug-related problems. We have many specifically designed and managed properties for those with dependency-related issues such as alcohol and drugs. These homes maintain a drug and alcohol-free environment similar to all our other homes, but also come with mandatory AA classes as well as alcohol and drug counseling.

We provide safe, affordable, and quality all-inclusive living environments to all of those who are in need!

Populations We Serve

Since we set up our first group home, we have been the premier provider of housing and related services for the Special Needs population. Many people in the community refer to us as pioneers in the industry!

Caregiver with Patient


VA Housing - Assisted Living


Elder Care - Sober Homes


Mental Health - Many More

Need Help?



Substance Abuse

Are you a veteran, or do you know a veteran in need of housing? Click here now to contact us immediately and schedule a free intake appointment at one of our veteran and VA group homes and residential care homes.

Are you a senior citizen looking for low-cost housing, or do you have a friend or family member that is elderly or a senior citizen in need of accommodation in a group home and residential care home environment? Click here to contact us immediately and schedule a free intake appointment at one of our group homes.

Are you an alcoholic or former drug user, or do you know someone who is? Are you or they looking for housing in a residential or group home environment? Click here to contact us immediately and schedule a free intake appointment at one of our group homes.

“One is not always happy when one is good; but one is always good when one is happy”

- Oscar Wilde

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Inter-Disciplinary Approach

At 1New Life Veterans Ministry, our process focuses on our core belief and philosophy that our clients' personal, physical, and spiritual well-being must come first. We take an inter-disciplinary approach to our management as well as a team approach to our service offerings. We partner with numerous local and state non-profits and governmental entities to best meet the needs of our community.

Community Development

Tackling the Issue

Support Services

Making a Difference

Education & Outreach

Doing What’s Needed

Application and Screening Process

Unlike most providers that have a checklist of requirements, we prefer to take a holistic approach. Most of our clients typically originate via a shared referral source. This referral could often be a doctor, nurse, caseworker, social worker, or another client’s family. Doing so allows our qualified staff better to understand the special needs of the particular client and make a decision.

Our Process

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Get in touch with 1New Life Veterans Ministry to learn more about our work and how you can get involved.

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“True heroism is remarkably sober, very undramatic. It is not the urge to surpass all others at whatever cost, but the urge to serve others at whatever cost.” Arthur Ashe

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